Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Malaysians In Minnesota

My friend Ming, a Malaysian, once told me that you could fit the number of Malaysians in Minnesota into a movie theater. Besides being a strange method of internment and a peculiar ice breaker on a way to a burrito, this assertion generally seems to be proven true by the lack of Malaysians you meet walking around the streets of Eagan. So, it was with some surprise that I noticed the new web site being pushed by MNSpeak, MNStories (don't go there with a slow connection unless you have some time, it's video blogging) has a video blog entry by a local, Malaysian blogger (who happens to paint). While two Malaysians isn't enough to fill a movie theater, I think Ming would agree with me it's two more Malaysians that should have ever seen the third Matrix movie.

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Anonymous said...

The third Matrix is a good movie, so is Rudy.

Malaysian FrenchDip