Sunday, June 26, 2005

Scooter's Semi-occasional Links to the Weird Religious Right

Addendum: has a great graphic for Minnesota that complements this article, so you can see where the hate groups are in our state (or other states if you go to the main map).

I'm currently reading David A. Neiwert's "Strawberry Days" and he makes an offhand reference to The Silver Shirts founded by William Dudley Pelley. He also refers to the Battle of Los Angeles, about which much UFO paranoia is written, and the Tachibana Spy Ring, about which there's little on the web outside of Michelle Malkin, who I refuse to link to, but the William Dudley Pelley information is the more interesting Wikipediable information. You can read all about how the pyramids foretell the end of days, his Jewish conspiracy issues and millenialism, how he almost got September 11th correct (sort of glad he didn't, that probably would have made the religious Right all sorts of whacked out above and beyond their usual level), his work in the early days of film, his incarceration during World War II (and his idolizing of Hitler), and how he tried to integrate survivalism into religion (something Mean Mr. Mustard and I discussed one morning on our coffee excursion, so here's your concrete example M3).

The later article also talks about how Dudley's theories/crackpot ideas became the foundation for far right movements like the Christian Identity Movement with its white supremicist, neo-Nazi version of Christianity (and associated Posse Comitatus, created by a former Silver Shirt member) and belief that Europeans are the literal (and spiritual) descendants of Israelites. Why bother reading Dan Brown when all this fun factual information is freely available for perusal?

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