Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Random Meandering

I can blog now. I finally got all the sand out of my hair (head and legs and arms) from the Apple Valley playground. I'm pretty sure most people don't blog at the beach, it's very uncomfortable.

So...I read a post today about how being half-Korean (and obviously, half something else) is called a Hapa in some circles. I'd never heard that before, and I have a sister who may or may not be 100% Korean (she said there's some suspicion she's part Turkish). I have no idea if it's derrogatory in any manner, but it was a Korean adoptee who used the word (I'll add a link tomorrow - UPDATE: here's the link to Ji-in's post about who's a hapa), and lo and behold, there's a website devoted to Hapas (, and the term is used extensively on a technorati search, and obviously in relation to being half Korean (as one of the posts talks about a creep who likes Hapa girls because they're taller). Now, while my sister may or may not be half Korean, my niece, Amelie, obviously is, and not half Korean/half French, as her name would imply, but half Korean/half Australian. Personally, I'll be glad to be able to refer to her heritage as something other than Korkalian. I'm a Friot myself - do the math.

On a completely different note, I'm considering changing my name. I was watching Hit Me Baby One More Time last night (no, I am not a regular watcher, I was bored, and in shock, and who wouldn't be after seeing Loverboy still alive and willing to ROCK!) and Arrested Development came on the screen (1993, Tennessee, you'd know if you heard it). Now, one of the rappers for Arrested Development is called "Speech", because, well, that's what he does. I've given it a lot of thought, and I want to be known as "Code" from now on. No last name, just Code, like Speech and like Cher (you might not think her name describes her, but she's had quite a few boyfriends). That way, at work, someone high up the C-something-O chain will be sitting in a exceptionally important meeting and they'll say, "This is hard, we need some help - are there resources we can use in-house?" And someone will reply, "I don't know of anyone who specifically fits the bill, but hey, I heard of a guy named Code over in the applications department. He must know what he's doing with a name like that." Ming will never beat me to the top of the company if I change my name to Code. Particuarly if I start telling people his name is J. Sharp.


Anonymous said...

Friot? Half french, half idiot?

Scooter said...

I'm pretty sure that would be a Fridiot. I realized I did not include my Scandinavian roots, so I'm more appropriately a Friotegian.

Anonymous said...

I'm half Korean, half Australian. The only time I've ever heard of the word Hapa was when I was in America for a holiday.

It's weird though, that people in the States and Australia see me as Asian. Yet when I go to S.Korea they know I'm mixed. It is obvious I am because my height, nose and jawline are from my dad but for some reason the Yanks and Aussies don't notice.

Though, they seem to care a lot less about my heritage then the S.Koreans do. It's okay though, I can deal with strangers judging me because my family and friends in Korea and Australia are accepting of me.