Friday, June 10, 2005

The New Blacklist

The Revealer has a very good post today that's essentially a link to a story in the LA Weekly by Doug Ireland, The New Blacklist: Corporate America is bowing to anti-gay Christian groups’ boycott demands. It's a good piece, and the quote by Chip Berlet (Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort) as a lead-in to talking about "The Great Commission" is a good one (below). If you're not familiar with terms like Triumphalism and Dominionism - you're missing out on a scary undercurrent in American culture, and Minnesota culture (do a search on our local Stillwater rep, Michele Bachman) - most likely you have a few neighbors that fall into those categories, you just don't know that's their bent.

“What’s motivating these people is two things. First, an incredible dread, completely irrational, of a hodgepodge of sexual subversion and social chaos. The response to that fear is genuinely a grassroots response, and it’s motivated by fundamentalist Christian doctrines like Triumphalism and Dominionism, which order Christians to take over the secular state and secular institutions. The Christian right frames itself as an oppressed minority battling the secular-humanist liberal homofeminist hordes.”

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