Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Most Assuredly Excellent

I can now blog while sitting up in my bed (I am clothed, have no worries), and hop back and forth to a DVD movie on the wide screen display (currently: The Three Villians of The Hidden Fortress) while pondering what I'm going to write. Now as long as I successfully resist ever having the urge to install VitualPC and work on programming while in bed, I think this will be an extremely positive development. Of course, if I did have an IDE (other than Notepad) on this thing, I could call in sick, and sit in bed drinking Summit and doing C# all day.

My day was nicely uneventful. Pooteewheet went off to babysit my nephews in Andover all evening, leaving me to hang with Eryn at the park, twist her arm for a burrito (Eryn have chips at Chipotle with Daddy! She's two and she loves the red sauce - crazy little girl), and play with the $15.00 bag of wooden blocks I bought from Eagle Games so that my board game copy of Age of Mythology is actually playable by more than four people. I'd have carved them myself, but all my sticks blew away last night in the storm.

Wisdom of the day: if you're Hispanic and named Roberto and have a little brother, you become Tito because Roberto is too long. Sure, it doesn't seem like wisdom everyone in Minnesota can use, but maybe it's applicable to that Latina/o that shows up in your dreams each night. What, only me?

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Anonymous said...

The marvels of portable computers, welcome to the wireless network. So you bonded with Eryn and chips with red sauce! Thanks to Pooteewheet for her helping out her brother-in-law and wife. Sounds like depression and stress. See you in about 11 days.