Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Just to Bug Mean Mr. Mustard

Addendum (which will be bigger than the original post, which begs the question, why didn't I just draft the original and finish it later as I obviously meant to publish much more - but that's a question best left to little girls who want to play games at Nick Jr.): I didn't realize that driving around your neighborhood with your laptop on could provide such a stimulating five minutes of dual voyeuristic network watching and paranoia that the two police cars you're passing might think you're up to no good. To Wendy, Jon, Linksys and Default (those last two are just funny), my neighbors I didn't know the names of before Jen drove me around for a while, howdy! And, to Mean Mr. Mustard, who I explained to Pooteewheet would be jealous because I have a laptop and don't really use it for development or fantasy football league hosting at all, but just for "dicking around" on at the moment (it's for Pooteewheet to work on, primarily), I didn't realize she'd be so nasty about it. But I offer some sage advice that might sooth any hurt feelings. Might I suggest that if you need a new laptop, you follow the mop advice (item #4 in this posting) at World O' Crap - I mean, if a new mop buried in a dozen roses works on a PhD, it'll work on an RN, right?

Original Post:
I'm blogging from a coffee shop at 54 mbps. And I've learned how to turn my computer into a cheap PVR. I think I'm starting to buy into this whole "use your laptop as your entertainment center" thing.

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