Friday, June 03, 2005


Because the company picnic is going to be at Comotown, there are posters up all over the place. The end result is that I simply can not get the song Funkytown out of my head. It probably doesn't help that I once spent seven days on a bike ride with a pair of shared panniers that held a boombox that played Funkytown or Eye of the Tiger almost constantly for 10-12 hours of riding a day. That's obviously asking for trouble as far as having a rhythm permanently imprinted in your brain.

Speaking of horrible things permanently imprinted on your brain - Fimoculous has this link to Celine Dion pretending to be Michael Jackson. Don't watch it too close to bed time.

Update: Ah, that took care of it. Even Funkytown can't override a pair of headphones blaring Jennifer Saunder's version of "Holding Out for a Hero". I kind of picture her and Patsy riding the tractor in the head-to-head chickenfight in Footloose.

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