Friday, May 13, 2005

Web Masturbation

Wow, once upon a time I was quite the angry letter writer to the MN Daily. Too bad that "senior" year lasted about two more years after this one.

Publish Date: 10/18/1990
Headline: Letters
Environmental vodka bottle

While walking around sorority and fraternity rows this weekend, it was disappointing to observe how much tissue paper and other residue was left over from the Homecoming festivities. Whole blocks looked like they had been subjected to a giant ticker-tape parade.For the past several months I have been training myself to be a more environmental citizen. Rather than just recycle the aluminum cans used in my household, I also recycle cans encountered during my travels about the Dinkytown area, twist all the tops off of cans for the metro-area hospitals' yearly collection and recycle glass and plastic. My roommate's old vodka bottle has become a water-displacer for my toilet. The lights at my apartment are always off when not in use. I try out new ideas whenever they cross my path.It is disillusioning to see that a single night can damage the environment as much as my several months of work helped it. It would be nice to see all the drive and ambition of Homecoming Week focused upon a cleanup day, maybe even just a single cleanup hour! As a Dinkytown resident, I would even bring along my trash bag to help out!

Scott D. McVay CLA senior

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