Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Vacation in the Dells, Vacation in the Dells, Hi Ho...

We had a mini-vacation this weekend at Great Wolf Lodge in the Dells and our friends Dan and Katie (and their son, Conner) went with us. We drove the kids, as we had a portable DVD player to keep them distracted with Dora and The Wiggles, which was only an issue whenever a pungent smell drifted toward the front of the car. Mostly it was idyllic, involving sharing crackers and fruit snacks, sleeping a lot, and some very messy taffy. Highlights were the snow storm on the way (which was like little stinging pellets of styrofoam - below you can see the top of Eryn's head as she sprints for Mom after checking out the orange moose - as you can see, it wasn't bothering Dan so much), Eryn crawling up on the bridge under the big bucket (last time she was afraid of it - this time she was only afraid of the kid who kept trying to pour cold water on her), the frightening new water slide (for the adults, not the 1-2 year olds) called The Howlin' Tornado that wasn't there last time (58' drop - way more frightening than a floom), Conner coming down the a big, slower, floom with his Dad, Conner seemingly deciding the hot tub was really his favorite place, breakfast at Denny's (not the chain, a local place), seeing downtown "The Dells" for the first time (even if it was closed - we had no idea all that crap was there last time we visited), and several hours of running around Wiley's Woods shooting balls at each other.

The tube from inside:

The tube from outside (we were staying behind it to the right, you could see it from our room)


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures - I nearly had a heart attack after going on that new waterslide. 58' drops are not for me! Nice picture of Dan - you couldn't find one where he didn't have a smoke in his hand?

Steve Eck said...

The downtown area of the Dells is kind of hidden away. Until we actually spent a weekend there when I was a kid, I had no idea it even existed.

But, then again, there isn't really much there that I would go out of my way to see.