Friday, May 13, 2005

Trying to Stay Up

I'm trying to stay up until my Dad pulls into town from Arizona - but I'm not having a lot of luck. It might be time to watch a movie. But until then, I thought I'd post some leftover I had sitting around, like (clickable):

Me touching big orange moose ass on the way to the Dells...are those balls?

Me hangin' in my father-in-law's new car - sweeeeeeeet... If he keeps this thing until Eryn is old enough to steal it for dates, his going to be considered a primo grandpa. He noted that this car is to me and my wife what his father's car (1940's) was to him when he was younger. Old fart.

Eryn and I celebrating Mother's Day by visiting Grandpa at the carousel at Como Park (he's a volunteer). You can tell from the picture that I'm as evil as most people suspect and the loss of my hair makes me daily more sinister. Eryn is pointing at the cowboys who are circling her Native American thoroughbred.

Eryn and I chillin' on the couch on Mother's Day at Boppa's and Manna's and watching Ice Age on their big t.v. That damn Diego - he's a treacherous bastard.

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Anonymous said...

hey im from Black River Falls where that moose is. cant believe thats on the internet