Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My favorite article of the day

Although I think I missed the actual event - bummer.

Wrestling for Jesus by Bob Shaw, Pioneer Press (St. Paul)
"In his role as a fisher of men, Ted DiBiase says some fish 'require different bait.' He and his friends cast their lure from the mat."

My favorite bits:

"Then DiBiase came into the ring, dressed in a business suit. His smooth and oily character, the Million Dollar Man, tempts wrestlers with money if they will "sell out" to return to the fast life of limos, women and addictions.
DeBiase's offers rose to $10 million, and ended with a blank check. Why wouldn't the wrestlers take the money?
Then The Animal, who talks like a metal shredder, shouted, "If you shut your big trap we'll tell you why." They couldn't be corrupted, said The Animal, because they were following Jesus' footsteps."


"As Black Stallion ran around the perimeter of the ring, he slapped the hands of his fans. One was John Martinson of Burnsville. "This is confusing, but fun," Martinson shouted.
He was there for the wrestling, not the message — he wanted autographs on his hat, because his other autograph-bearing hat had been "sprayed on" by his cat."

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