Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Bring-to-work Coffee

My bring-to-work coffee really sucks lately - it tastes watery and has a faint taste like I used weird water. It tasted fine this weekend out of the pot and I used the same blend I used this morning - so I'm a little confused. Sure, it's light roast - but I've used two different kinds and haven't liked the flavor of either lately - I'm beginning to suspect it's either the filter or my thermos, although I clean the damn things often - but maybe they need to soak with some soap in them to really clean up the sides and etch the metal (mmm....metal). I've only noticed the difference since I switched coffee machines as well, so maybe some experimentation is in order until I figure out how to brew the perfect pot.

Not that this in any way means I won't give the stuff to Erik when he shows up this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Actually I think it's the opposite. You should NEVER clean out your thermos, maybe just a good rinsing now and then. That way, the flavor just stays in the thermos and helps improve your coffee. This is what Dan does and you know what a coffee snob he is, so it must work.