Tuesday, May 31, 2005


This probably won't make any sense to anyone but my gaming friends, but this is the largest damn koku I've ever seen. I wonder if it would buy a correspondingly larger ninja.

Note that my pre-1995 copy of Shogun was once worth $200 until they re-released it. If I had known they were going to re-release it, I might have sold it.

(via Answers.com)
Shogun (later renamed Samurai Swords in 1995) was a board game released in 1986 by game maker Milton Bradley as part of their Gamemaster Series. Set in feudal Japan, players take control of a fictional warlord and pit their armies against one another in hopes of winning the title Shogun. Along with Axis and Allies, Samurai Swords is still being manufactured as of 2004.
In 1988, Shogun won the Origins Awards for Best Pre-20th Century Boardgame of 1987 and Best Graphic Presentation of a Boardgame of 1987 .

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Steve Eck said...

I always liked Shogun, although I only played it a few times. We tended to play Axis and Allies more often.

I think it was because only one guy owned Shogun/played it very often, where as a number of people owned Axis & Allies, so that was a bit more evenly matched.