Friday, May 06, 2005

I think this means...

that Minnesotans aren't praying hard enough, although I'm sure the NDP people would argue we're being ignored because of some of us support gay marriage or something. Today is the National Day of Prayer (no, I'm not going to link to them - if you really want to visit them, you'll have to look them up yourself - but here's some information from Norwegianity) and it seems that the national site is having problems - I quote from the Minnesota site below. Note that the Bible-reading marathon ended yesterday, so if you're still reading, quit it.

Remember the good old days when Jesse Ventura simply ignored this crap as opposed to having it condoned by Tim Pawlenty and Mary Kiffmeyer.

This year, all National Day of Prayer events in Minnesota are listed on the National website: Click here to find events!
The National website is suffering many difficulties.You may not be able to see all Minnesota events.Please try again soon if you have problems.

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