Wednesday, May 18, 2005


A place Klund and Pooteewheet can feel at home - Homemakers For America. But wait - what's this?

"Are you a Homemaker?A Homemaker is any woman who makes a home."

Klund isn't eligible? Will he have to revoke his membership in NOW (and why doesn't NOW have that cool "Inc." behind their name to make them seem less radical and more important and corporate)?

"For the past four decades the National Organization for Women has presented themselves as the singular voice of women in America. Homemakers for America Inc. would like to propose that no longer be the case. To learn more about NOW's agenda click here."

That's cold - he raises four times as many children as Pooteewheet - maybe he just never cleans the house. Regardless, I guess I'll have to return his "Women of Freedom" candle. But I'm still encouraging him to sign the Fox petition:

"please join us and sign this petition that is being circulated in order to be presented to Mr. Rupert Murdock and his Fox News partners. We request that Mr. Murdock, Fox News and all local Fox affiliates throughout the nation seriously consider a joint venture in which a Fox evening news and a Fox morning news program would be broadcast on local fox affiliates throughout the United States."

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