Monday, April 18, 2005

A posting for Erik

After reading a history of The Antichrist, one of the things I learned is that many people believe he will be not just the son of Satan come to visit the soon to be damned, but a perverted version of Christ - sort of like the caricature you can get at Valleyfair or The Rennaisance Festival. Maybe he'll look like Christ, but just a little off, sort of like a goofy brother, ala Chip and Dale. However, he'll still have diametrically opposed beliefs, summing up all the not-Christness it's possible to embody.

Erik. There is an anti-Erik. Senator Jeff Miller, TN (link goes to Jesus' General). Author of that state's Defense of Marriage Act, Republican, philanderer, hypocrite, all-around annoyance and, of course, from Tennessee. If I catch him working on one of our projects at work and see through his disguise, I'm going to be very worried.

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Anonymous said...

that shit freaks me out.