Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I was at another blog today

and there was a fun quote - I think it tickles my dystopian bone (my master's thesis was on dystopias) because it makes the whole idea of big brother sort of sad and pathetic in such a short snippet (but you should still worry that the Ashcroftian inheritors are doing precisely what's implied while looking at your library list) - it's perfectly modifiable to use a friend's name if so desired - I pondered dropping in Mean Mr. Mustard instead of "your mother", but I've bothered him enough this week, particularly as I found a free dollar in front of him yesterday because I showed up at the same time as him for work (and spent it on coffee this morning), so he needs a little less of me.

Big Brother is Watching You
But he's not touching himself, like he does when he watches your mother

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Scooter said...

Thank you to Mean Mr. Mustard himself for pointing out that the quote was actually so small that only Little Cindy Who could actually read it.