Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Blue v. Red v...Orange? Whaaa!?

Eryn and I have been doing the Grand Tour of local playgrounds. We've moved from the ones down the block and at Blackhawk Park to those by the local school. I'm not sure what it is about blue and red that make them perfect playground colors - but just like at Blackhawk, there are blue and red playgrounds. And, just like at Blackhawk, the blue playground is a massive, exciting, kid-friendly, bi-located, contraption, and the red playground is this little, dirty thing, in this case tucked behind the ice rinks (which presumably hide Reagan-era MX missles). As you can see from the picture below, the red playground even sports an internment area nearby - Michelle Malkin would be pleased as everyone seemed to be comfortably constrained. Unfortunately for the red playground, it seems to have caught a case of the blues on one coast, though I'm sure that's only to give the illusion of friendliness to the Hispanics you can see toiling away as wage labor at the teeter totter. And what's with the orange playground?! I think that may be where the libertarians play. I noticed it was not kid-friendly at all. You pretty much had to make due with what you were given or else set up an alternative, commercially-viable private park nearby to compete.


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