Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What Can You Do

with a 38.6K modem connection? From the looks of my machine at the moment, you can simultaneously consume podcasts, retrieve your RSS feeds via RSSBandit and post to Blogger. Of course, I can't do any of it very fast, but I can still do it. If I had a cable modem or DSL, I could be listening to streaming music and bittorrenting at the same time as well. But I have a difficult enough time keeping up with 38.6K of data, so I'm pretty sure it would just be lost on me.


Rebekah Smith said...

Hello Scooter,

I came across your blog because I was curious about the phrase "consume podcasts". Of what I could find from quick check, this post includes one of three examples in 2005. The Google hits go up to 260 by 2016. I noticed that you refer to "consuming" podcasts while "listening" to streaming music. Why the difference?

Thanks for any insights!


Scooter said...

That seems to be an actual question and not spam. I consumed podcasts because I accessed them via a standalone RSS reader alongside other textual data at the time (RSS feeds). Streaming music wasn't so prevalent then and I listened to music and podcasts on different platforms/apps.