Tuesday, March 22, 2005

ThisWeek in Eagan

Because there are so many exciting things to go to!
  • Sex Ed God's Way! April 2nd in Lakeville - your children (grade 4-6) can be presented with "a practical, biblical view on our bodies, the changes they go through, and the relationship God intended for husbands and wives." Students get a notebook they can refer back to at the end and Christian perspective on the stewardship of their bodies, all for only $5! Remember..."Information on intercourse is optional".
  • My favorite quote in this week's news, "Lutsen saved my leg, and quite possibly my life." (James Rice III, Member, Troop 445) - referring to one Scout saving another whose clothes were on fire. The quote struck me as extremely funny for some reason, though I applaud Lutsen Adrian for his quick thinking.
  • For teens, a "Lord of the Rings" All Night Party. "Come dressed as your favorite character from the series." I guess we should be glad they're just socializing and not at Star Trek conventions, but going to these sorts of parties seems only slightly less likely to keep you a virgin than a Harry Potter party or doing this. On a positive note, Israel says you're not fit for military duty, so if the U.S. Army believes the same, maybe you're just playing the long term odds.

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MeanMrMustard said...

See, that's just rude. I've never been to a Star Trek convention in my life. I just like Kristi to dress up as Tasha Yar at home.

Um ... I mean ...