Saturday, February 12, 2005

Snow Ming and Snow Larry

I feel like a slacker lately, and I feel that way because I've been working 11+ hour days on my current project. I have enough free time to sneak away to coffee without Mean Mr. Mustard, and a burrito without Mean Mr. Mustard, but anything more strenuous and I start to wonder whether it means I'm going to be at work until after 8:00 p.m. again (which isn't all that late, but I did start at just before 6:30 a.m.). So, today I'm faced with the prospect, go to work and get something done, or do some blogging. I shall blog. Maybe I'll bike. I'll go to work tomorrow (famous last words).

These are the pictures I've been promising Mr. Mustard of the snow-programmers Eryn and I made, modeled after him and Ming. Note that Pooteewheet actually picked up Ming and moved him bodily to the other side of the driveway just so she didn't have to drive over him in front of Eryn. I felt no such qualms when I drove over both of them the next morning.

Eryn points at where Snow Larry keeps all of his knowledge about Perl. I bet it wasn't where you thought it would be.

Snow Larry models alone - the extra long arms help him code better.

Snow Larry (left) and Snow Ming (right) pose together. This is after Snow Ming was moved to the left side of the driveway by Pooteewheet. Please note that we did not give Snow Ming short stubby arms as some sort of slam. He just really does have short stubby arms.

Poor Snow Larry - the victim of a cruel, premeditated Saturn-related incident.

Poor Snow Ming. Cut up into pieces by Minnesotans intent on discovering whether his body might yield clues as to the numbers in the next Lotto (hint: 3, 2 and 1 emerged as possibilities).

Snow Ming and Snow Larry - note the memorial to their deaths in the background - it's not a real cemetary/funeral without a flag.

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