Monday, February 28, 2005

Play Dough

Eryn and I were playing with her play-dough the other day. For fun, I remade the snowmen in my front yard (including Snow Ming and Snow Larry) in a clay motiff (Snowanticus is looking very limber lately - he's sort of melted, but stayed almost completely together, so he's bending at the "waists" and looks like he's doing some sort of sultry belly dance). ClayAnticus looks a little happier than SnowAnticus - he's got a bit of the evil clown aspect about him.

I also made a little guy in a bathtub/shower because Eryn was insisting she wanted a bath after play dough time was over - but it came out sort of creepy, like some weird alien/psycho bath of blood sculpture - probably not good for her impressionable little mind.

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