Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Ancient Egyptians and Their Mercedes

This is my favorite bit from World O' Crap in a while, and that's saying something, because that's just an extremely funny site. I wonder what sort of incredible technology resulted in the Great Wall of China.

Per WorldNetDaily, Heron's book discuses the "astronomical significance" of the pyramids -- proof that mortal men couldn't have constructed them, because the stars weren't invented until a thousand years or so ago.!

Writes Heron: "To simply say, 'The Egyptians built them,' is not a satisfactory answer. For if man began at the stone age, progressed to the bronze and then to the iron age, then we have the oldest pyramids popping up somewhere between the stone age and the bronze age. This is akin to saying that at some point in time past, man invented the wheel. Sometime later, another made a cart. But in between the wheel and the cart we find a brand new Mercedes! This is a realistic comparison when considering the construction of the pyramids.

Um, from what I can gather, the oldest pyramids are thought to have been constructed somewhere between 2600 and 1000 BC. The Bronze Age of the Near East began about 3300 BC, with the Iron Age starting somewhere between 2000 and 1000 B.C. So, the oldest pyramids were probably constructed during the Bronze Age. This is akin to saying that by using a 100,000 men, levers, pulleys, and ramps (made from bricks, sand, and wooden beams), the Eyptians didn't need a brand new Mercedes to build the pyramids, but they probably would have liked a DVD player and a microwave.

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