Saturday, January 29, 2005

Where Am I Virtually - Week 4 on the Road

Well, I officially made it to South Dakota. I thought for a while about heading toward North Dakota - but there's no Corn Palace and no Badlands - you have to go where the siteseeing is worthwhile. I have ended the week very close to Clear Lake, South Dakota. Not a very exciting town, but there are 100 women for every 82 point some odd men, and the women make less than $20,000 annually on average, so I'm a good catch, regardless of what my wife says. There should be around 200 women excited about my being in town. Spy sattelites pinpoint me somewhere near here. You'll note the large lake, that's Clear Lake - rather than going directly into town, I swung north and went around past Ulvern Park - there was a nice breeze coming off the lake, so it was good decision. The lake is really the best amusement in town, but I was fortunate to be around for the Deuel County Farm & Home Show (Clear Lake is the county seat, after all), after which I caught a sandwich at Wes and Ann's Cafe.


klund said...

Bastard. There are so Badlands in North Dakota.

And, the best part about that is that you can see some more girls touching each other's breasts - I know you're obsessed with that lately.

Scooter said...

Yeah, I know all about Medora. One road in, same road out. I believe the mayor of Medora is still the brother in law of someone I gamed with - he did his magician act at my friend's groom's dinner. They're very famous for their passion play. My wife has a stuffed buffalo she bought there - it's name is Beverly. But I'm still not going there.

klund said...

Dear god, I don't recommend that you actually go there. I just want you to acknowledge your gaffe.