Thursday, January 13, 2005

Summit's new Stout

So last night I followed the advice of the Summit Brewing Company and went to the Groveland Tap (details below - ongoing through January) in order to:

1.) Get a free Summit Oatmeal Stout pint glass
2.) Try their new limited release Oatmeal Stout (only on tap, nitrogen infused)

It's only on Wednesdays, but you don't have to drink all your four beers on a single Wednesday unless it's the last Wednesday - you can spread it out. Of course, what fun is that? My friend Dan and I did the full sampler at once. First off, the glass, very nice - pretty much a Guinness-style pint glass with the "bulge" near the top stamped with a Summit Oatmeal Stout logo - not everyone's glass of choice, but it'll do well pre-chilled in my beer fridge.

My opinions on Summit Oatmeal Stout - not exactly favorable. It was interesting - I'll give it that - it doesn't really taste anything like a Guinness. What it does taste like is sort of grainy. There are actually two tastes to it - a sort of smoother, dark, alcohol-tinged taste that I imagine is what it would taste like if it sat around for a year before being served, and another grainy taste that's sort of like a cross between eating chocolate malt (in grain form) mixed with a bit of dry oatmeal - that taste I didn't like. Of course the Winter, EPA and Grand were all delicious.

I topped the whole experience off with a Groveland Tap Juicy Lucy - that's a cheese-injected hamburger for those unfamiliar with it. You can get a much better Juicy Lucy at Matt's Bar on 35th and Cedar (don't go to the 5-8, not nearly as good). The one at the Groveland tasted a bit like it had been laced with salt. Dan refused to have a Juicy Lucy because he once burnt his lip on one, so he ordered the fried cheesy mushrooms instead...with obvious ironic results.

Even better - while I was off having four beers, Pooteewheet was home taking care of Eryn, shoveling the drive and making cupcakes. She sent a bunch to work with me, so if you're here, please come have one.

Round The World With SummitEvery Wednesday in January, stop by the Groveland Tap in St. Paul (1834 St. Clair Ave.). For only $10, enjoy each of the four flavors of Summit on draft: Oatmeal Stout, Extra Pale Ale, Winter Ale, and Grand Pilsener. Keep your glass once it's empty!

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