Friday, January 07, 2005

I bet this fed a lot of people

After all, Jesus might come down personally and divide one rotting fish and a bucket of tainted, foul drinking water into enough for the masses - so all is good. Personally, I'm a bit more pleased with my company which is double matching donations to the International Red Cross and few other charities.

Lifted wholesale from The Revealer:

Gallup Prayer
07 January 2005
CNN reports the results of a poll it conducted with USA Today and Gallup, and finds that Americans offered more prayers than cash to the victims of the tsunami at a rate of 75% of respondents claiming they offered prayers, and 45% claiming they gave money. Are we so devout, or as Revealer contributor Adam Becker suggests, so impressionable? Becker writes: "As if when polled many people are going to say, 'No, I did not pray for all those dead people.' This is an excellent example of how stupid information gathering can make the country seem more religious than it probably is."

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BiggTree said...

I didn't pray for all those dead people. Didn't figure it would do any good, since by definition, they are dead and their fate is sealed. Thank you, however, for this post as it knocked me off my lazy selfish butt and got me to pray for the living who have to clean up the mess while grieving for loved ones.