Friday, January 21, 2005


Currently on the D-building cafeteria comment board:
"Could you offer more 'Christ-centered' meals?"

Response from the cafeteria crew (summarized):
"We don't know what you mean."

They must mean wine and wafers, right? Unleavened bread? Maybe a cake shaped like the Bible? Judas Iscariot pudding with silver sprinkles? Maybe just NOT french fries and middle eastern dishes?


Joe said...


That made my day. Seriously. I even ran up there to see it for myself.

I think I may write one asking for "Buddha-centered" meals or something. Odin-centered? Aphrodite?

Actually, there may be protests about Aphrodite-centered meals.

Anonymous said...

Wow. As you know, I saw this too. Apparently great minds think alike...