Sunday, December 19, 2004

An MCAD Education

Now I know what you do with an MCAD education. Honestly, the few artists I've met that went to school there tend to have a rather unique perspective on what they want to do and contribute toward making the Twin Cities an interesting place to art crawl. Jeff Kunzelman, who was a programmer at Ajilon when I worked there spent quite a bit of time at MCAD, even during his while contracting, and you can find his photo work all over the web, including at Discountpetfood and Arcosanti (an alternative urban project in Arizona started by Paolo Soleri - note they get visitors from Taliesin West, so if you're into architecture, this is one of the places to be - for more information about city design, try Percival and Paul Goodman's Communitas: Ways of Livelihood and Means of Life). Jeff helped me to enjoy art by actually handing me a beer while I was on the St. Paul Art Crawl - except for all the stairs, it was one of the more enjoyable events I've attended in the last ten years.

So Boing Boing Blog has this story about the Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists. It includes a link to Sarina Brewer's Custom Creature site where you can find two-headed squirrels, squirrels that look sort of like the killer squirrel that used to confront me on the bridge outside the Cedar Riverside Apartments, and all sorts of mythological reconstructions. There's even proof that jackalopes exist, which will bug Pooteewheet because she hates it whenever I even mention them.

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dan said...

I used to live in an apartment complex with a courtyard that was overrun by urbanized squirrels. There's something about the city squirrels in minneapolis. They have no fear and travel in swarms. I actually had to outrun them on the way to my underground garage every morning. The groundskeeper had trained them to jump on his lap for peanuts, so they were accustomed to running up your pant legs. It was sick.

Oddly enough, it was not so far from the Cedar Riverside Crack Stacks. But far enough away to feel ok about it.