Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christmas 2004

Well, I noticed that everyone has a list of their Christmas booty out there. I'd list mine, but there was only one thing I asked for - a tenth of a second of world peace. And I got it. If you weren't paying careful attention, you probably missed it, and you're probably wondering how it happened with the war in Iraq on and soldiers all over the globe - but trust me, it was there, you were probably just feeling so peaceful you didn't think to check if everyone else was feeling that way as well. I had hoped that everyone else would have asked for the same, and we'd have about 20 years of peace during which we could collect our other presents before having to wish again, but I think some people were blinded by a desire for a new SUV and protection of marriage amendments and others by a wish for food. I'd have asked for more than a 1/10th of a second, but I figure that's the max I'm allowed; it comes out to about my portion of a generation of peace when you consider a world population of about 6 billion.

Oh, and I got a pig catapult, a beer a day calendar, two cases of Guinness, and a trench coat so I don't have to look directly at aggressive bell ringers. For some real pictures of my Christmas, you can go to Pooteewheet's versions, one and two.

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