Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I'm old

I'm pretty sure the fact that I turned 36 last week and this little anecdote are related.

Yesterday I was taking Eryn to buy her first video game (Best Buy in Apple Valley - she chose a Blue's Clues game because she really likes Blue - so she was wandering around Best Buy mumbling "Blue, Blue, Blue, Bow, Bow..." Occasionally punctuated by "Bob!" [lots of SpongeBob SquarePants games at Best Buy {both PC and Playstation 2 which we currently don't have because we left it with my brother in law %who's supposed to bring it back for Thanksgiving, so maybe that would have been soon enough *but we told him he could keep it until Christmasdamn, I have to do my shopping $which reminds me, all the McVays lost their Secret Santas, I better resend them #I hope my Secret Santa program dumped a copy in a folder somewhere#$*&}]) and a car passed us and I thought, "Hey, that looks like Nidhi", immediately followed by the thought, "Maybe not, looked a little old to be Nidhi."

A little old to be Nidhi. So I checked. The icon from the first project I was on with her here is dated 9/27/1999 (the actual project, as far as my involvement, preceded that by about 5 months) - so I've known Nidhi for over 5 years - almost as long as the people with whom I went to High School and 20% of her life so far. Next thing I know I'll be referring to Erik as that young whippersnapper.

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