Monday, November 29, 2004

If you put the word menudo in your blog

then apparently everyone from Spain will show up, at least according to StatCounter. But the good thing is, you get to see exactly what the Pearly Gates of St. Peter should have looked like, had they been done right. Of course these go down into a valley, so maybe the road to hell is paved with better engineers than the road to St. Peter, Minnesota - but they could have been placed in Klund's front yard, the view is pretty similar, at least if you're on a bike.

Courtesy of Mundochachi
Original Post about the Pearly Gates of St. Peter on A Nod to Nothing


klund said...

I can't quite tell if you secretly desire to live in St. Peter, or if you secretly desire to have oversized tourist kitsch in your yard. Damn it, man, make up your mind!

Scooter said...

I hear they'll be renaming St. Peter "Lundtopia" soon, in which case there will be no keeping me away as I know everyone will have South American children for servants, get to stay at home instead of working at West, be closer to Schell's beer than anyone outside of New Ulm, and have attractive Unity statues decorating their yard. It's a glorious vision marred only by the possibility that Larry could be my next door neighbor.

klund said...

"Lundtopia" is a myth! A myth, I tell you!!

pupilas gustativas said...

hola yo soy el que hizo esta fotografia y no te la cedi cortesmente como dice ahi...exijo una broma

Scooter said...

According to Babelfish, Astroboy is saying:

"hello I am the one that did this fotografia and cedi courteously as it says ahi to you... I do not demand an explanation... is joke"

I think this is a just a nice comment expressing surprise that he found his picture here (although I believe I actually link to the original source), but maybe someone has a better translation.