Thursday, November 25, 2004

If we're a blue state

If we're a blue state, then you have to wonder what the hell it must be like for people in red states. Exorcism in St. Paul Cathedral to because of gay communion.

It's so touching the Pope is working to foster a spirit of Christianity in the world.
Spain's dramatic left turn infuriates Catholic Church (Pioneer Press - requires sign on)

  • Europe's secular trend has deeply disturbed the Vatican, which was angered recently when Rocco Buttiglione, an Italian friend of Pope John Paul II's, had to withdraw his candidacy for European Union justice commissioner last month after making what were perceived to be derogatory remarks about homosexuals and single mothers.

  • Juan Antonio Martinez Camino, spokesman for the Spanish Bishops Conference, said on television last month that allowing homosexual marriage was akin to "imposing a virus on society."

  • The Spanish public — like most of its European counterparts — does not seem to agree. An August survey by the Center for Sociological Research found 66.2 percent of Spaniards in favor of same-sex marriages. In a separate poll, 61.5 percent said they had "little or no trust in the Catholic Church."

Pope Says Anglican Gays Are Obstacle to Unity

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