Monday, October 25, 2004

Does Kevin Have an Alter Ego?

Klund, is this another instance of you pretending to be something you're not? It's the only other blogger from St. Peter, Minnesota. Is this you writing as though you were a younger version of yourself named Alexander Wales or Ben Friesen? Does your wife know about your other site? You should stop before your children get old enough to figure it out.

I quote you:
And so it wears at my stomach, makes me stay up until this ungodly hour. Because now that she's mine and no one else's, now that I don't have to worry about some sixteen year old French boy hiding away inside her house over the summer or keeping her away from me, I worry that this happiness will be ripped away from me.

That's the attraction, right? My Anumati is whoever I most need at any moment. She changes to suit my desires and our life inside my head is lived in perfect balance. If I need someone to comfort, she'll be upset. If I'm feeling a surge of lust, she'll be standing in front of me, naked and ready for anything that I can dream up.

Julia, Anumati, is my muse. She is my perfection, my constant dream, my hopes and a symbol of me. She exists within me, trapped in my mind with no way of getting out.

Kelly came back to today, and we went for a walk. She was wearing a t-shirt and short shorts, smiling and laughing and telling me all about her weekend. I hate lust, and I hate love. The lust, the look of her creamy thighs, that would all be bearable if I weren't so otherwise attracted to her....

Fuck I'm horny -

Dear God, Are you there? It's me, Ben. So it looks like things are starting up with Claire again, and I ache for her so bad it hurts. We had cyber sex, then phone sex.

Well then. Claire. My first love. My first sexual experience. My first... Claire was my very good friend at the beginning of senior year. I'd sit outside the swimming pool with her before school got out, skipping the last fifteen minutes of accounting. We went to the ren fest together

I'm going to fucking kill my roommate


klund said...

Delete this post now! I don't want anybody to know! You're RUINING EVERYTHING!!!!

Anonymous said...

My name is claire and finding this post was more than funny for me as I'm the girl that seems to get confused as a figment of everyones' imaginations...