Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Chili Fest 2004, Brad's Vantage

Brad has asked that I upload his photos for chilifest attendee enjoyment - I grabbed a healthy cross section of them. They're in low-res, so if you need a nice version, you'll need to pester Brad or myself for a copy. They're clickable to slightly larger versions.

Mean Mr. Mustard, a bunch of McVays and The Amazing Statue Boy

Mr. Party himself with a box full of silk panties

Brad sarcastically claps at his guests


A child

Another child

A disturbed gargoyle-type child

The winner is announced

Erik and Holly

Fixing the Lamp

Cleaning up after spilled chili - Brad's dad is all about making Brad's party a success. Maybe he felt sympathy for Brad because of his Mom's silk underwear gag.

Last year's winner

A second picture, because she got to wear the trophy for only 1/730th of the time as this year's winner

Nidhi's cold

Thumbs up Kevin, oh yeah dude


Last Year's Winner yet again - Brad drinks a Summit


Kevin stokes the fire

Kevin and Squirrel - this is why people think he sometimes looks like Timothy McVeigh

Pull my thumb, Erik! Pull it! (Holly whispers to him, don't do it Erik, he's got Summit farts)

Sleeping standing up

Nidhi stealing candy from children

The pictures aren't so pretty after this one, so enjoy this moment of bliss while it lasts

Scooter's Self Portrait

But he's not the only one who might have been drinking too much

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