Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Truing the Wheels

So I've trued three wheels so far this week so that two of my coworkers, including my project lead, can bike in the St. Paul Bike Classic.  I'm just not very good at it yet, even after all the truing I have to do to my bike (which wasn't much this year as I stayed off the road bike and on the mountain bike) - I was far more comfortable adjusting breaks and trying to modify the various heights of seats and handlebars to give them a better fit.  But my lead stopped by tonight and she and her husband gave me two twelves of Leine's Honey for my trouble - two!  If I'd have drank twelve Leines for each of her wheels, they'd probably be straighter!  I was getting pretty good by the end, I do a pretty good job of left-right alignment, it's that up-down that really messes with me, even though it seems easier in the book - I should really just practice several times a week until I'm an expert.  After all the cold-working done to my road bike wheels, I don't think it would make a difference structurally speaking.  Sandy's bike was actually a bit tougher because she didn't have quick release wheels and I'm too lazy to remove them when they're bolted on with metric nuts (and it's not worth the trouble with my not-so-great truing stand), so I did the flip and true to the break pads.  Hey, as long as your wheels aren't rubbing against the break pads (and were they ever rubbing before I got my hands on them), things can't be too bad.  I'm pondering taking twelve pack to Erik's house as a house-warming gift - don't read that Erik, it's a secret.

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