Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Today is the Day I Became a Clip Guy

I ditched my lanyard for a clip on my work badge. I don't know what this says about me...
  • Perhaps I'm embracing the management ethos.
  • Perhaps I finally felt like I was wearing a leash.
  • Perhaps I'm bored of wearing a string that still has white Playdough flecks in it from when Eryn buried it.
  • Perhaps I'm worried that in a car accident I might be trapped behind the wheel by the string.
  • Perhaps I want management to have to work harder to see who I am.
  • Perhaps I just wanted the new sleeve the badge guy gave me in addition to a clip.
  • Perhaps I want everyone to look as close to my crotch as possible to see who I am.

All I know is that if I break a shoelace, I won't have the safety margin I once had.

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