Monday, September 06, 2004

The Republicans Can Still Surprise Me

Ah, it didn't previously post due to an XML-RPC issue, no great conspiracy at work, only T-Mobile has that going for them at the moment.

I always think they’ve (Republicans) done something that will prepare me for what they do next, and then things like this take place – I read the newpaper fairly regularly and monitor a dozen blogs, and I still have to find out from a blog that this sort of thing is happening: I understand that the army isn’t about to involve itself in some sort of coup, but why now if they didn’t think it held some sort of partisan advantage? If the assumption is "someone will always have a partisan advantage", then why go to the explicit trouble if it wasn’t creating a problem. So I read through the comments and see this junk (For the Baseless Statement Click Here) which is just made up crap – I’ll try to post my "Veterans for Kerry" button picture in a day or two – I also know of at least two Guardsmen who have a problem with Bush and for different reasons – one for the war in general (didn’t believe/like his reasons) and one for his treatment of the soliders involved in Abu Ghraib (believes it extended higher up and that they should be ashamed for trying to pin it on the rank and file). The military is just as diverse as the rest of the U.S. – few less homosexuals, a lot less outed homosexuals, but otherwise probably a pretty good cross section of everyone that isn’t a pacifist, particularly now that the National Guard is heavily involved. "All military personnel love Bush" is just a myth that relies on the traditional military support for Republicans – yes, more active military likely support Bush, but many do not, and many familes do not, particularly in the face of Bush’s lackluster support of Veterans and extension of terms abroad: Military Won't Just Vote for Bush.

As a follow up, TalkLeft has this little gem (via AmericaBlog) - it's a little overblown until you follow it all the way to TalkLeft and note that the Pentagon hasn't done anything other than acknowledge receipt, but I really hope that in several years we don't find out the Bush campaign actually had something to do with getting this sent:

Pentagon Acknowledges Receipt of Letter.

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