Sunday, September 12, 2004

Octoberfest - Science or Art

I don't know what that title means - just leave me alone. I tried a few kinds of Octoberfest yesterday, Schells and Summit. I was at the store and saw the Summit and thought, "that looks good", and then I saw the Schells and said, "I shouldn't really buy two boxes of beer" and then I thought "if I compared them on the blog, Jen couldn't complain about me buying twice as much, right?". Like she'd complain - she's just happy to have me drunk and out of the way. I like Summit Octoberfest better, but Schells tastes much more like traditional Octoberfest - the kind you have under beer tents by breweries with names like Hack-or-Shore. Summit has a slightly more malty taste to it and generally I prefer lots of malt and lots of hops - Schells has hops, they just happen to be more along the Octoberfest traditional lines. I'd let Christy try them and tell me if my opinion's right, but I'm guessing you don't remember the taste fo the beer so much as you remember waking up half off the curb with you face in the gutter.


BiggTree said...

Alas, ever since I moved to Wisconsin I have found it harder to find Shells beer. Berghoff is, so far, a serviceable substitute.

Scooter said..., they hid the damn comment window on me and it's my own freaking blog... so I'll guess... Mr. Tabogganing... no, that's not right... Mr. Tittillating... closer... Mr. Teabagging... just downright mean... Treebigging...? seems close... Treebagging... herbivorially nasty ... BigTree - I bet that's close enough. Mr. BigTree, I know you are a friend of Klund, and he lives less than twenty miles from the Schell's Brewery. Having 1.) been a notorious lush for many years and been there (New Ulm) many times myself for Bockfest, standing in the cold while my beer froze in my cup, and doing this despite having to wait on 30 year old friends hitting on 45 year old women and having to drive back past St. Peter in snow storms that required an Arctic Cat to traverse, and 2.) actually having removed articles of clothing in Klund's front yard so that I could don bike shorts and bike from his house to New Ulm for the seriously lame Summerfest - destination of the old and infirm and the young and clueless - and back, and 3.) just consulting a map of Minnesota...well, I know that if he's your friend and you like Schell's, he should be bringing you the odd six pack whenever you meet. This is proper beer ettiquette, and Klund's habitual, until fairly recently, dislike of beer is simply no excuse. If he has time to work on his blog, he has time to pack all those children into a van, drive them up the hill to Schell's Brewery, hand each of them a different six-pack, and bring them home to await your drinking pleasure, either at his place, or at your place next time he visits. Demand it, damn it, it's your due.