Saturday, September 11, 2004

Movies to See Before the Election

Someday I hope Lawrence Lessig calls me up and explains to me everything that's technologically wrong about the product I work on. In the meantime, he has a short post about films to see before you vote. I've seen a number of the films at this site, although some of my friends like Mr. Mustard can't watch "The Fog of War" even if it's physically placed in their hands. "Control Room" and the "Hunting of the President" are on my Netflix list - Uncovered isn't as vital a movie as they make it seem (interesting, but you can see most of the relevant info/interviews on television and the web in a more interesting format if you watch for them) although I note that enough people have shown an interest in it that it was released to theaters (after video) - it's now playing at the Uptown.

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