Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Microsoft Patches - It Could be Worse

I note that Mean Mr. Mustard is apologizing to his mother for telling her graphics can't infect her computer (although they could be transmitting terrorist information under the covers all along). It'd just like to point out, it could be worse; the Witches Voice Pagan Webcrafter has issued a warning for all those Pagan Witch Apple users.

Notes from a Pagan Webcrafter....Safari/Witchvox Menus Issue Fixed: Last week Apple computer issued a security update that 'broke' the main DHTML menus that you see at the top of all of our pages (as well as Fedex, Kellogs, bestbuy.com and others) IN Sarfari. - Our thanks go out to Jason and the folks at opencube.com for working up a quick patch. Thanks also to Solitaire for a quick fix that helped to get Wren back on track. Son of Power Menus: The opencube.com folks also helped us kill the 'license needed nag box' some of you were getting when you hit any of the aliases that go to this site (witchvox.net/org - witchesvoice.com/net/org etc. etc.).
Witchvox is composed on a Mac G5 (OSX Panther) and optimized for the Safari Web Browser. - Pages are spot checked against IE, Mozilla and Opera on PC computers on a weekly basis.

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