Thursday, September 09, 2004

How I spend my day at work

We can't replace the HBA?
Because your slot is the wrong size.
What do I do about that?
Borrow someone else's HBA.
That'll fit in my slot?
It should?
What if it doesn't?
We haven't considered that yet.
Are you sure someone will loan me their HBA for my slot?
We think so, but we're not sure.
When will you know?
Well, that's good.
Absolutely.  Your other slot is the right size.
For an HBA?
That's good.
Yep, should be no problem putting an HBA in your slot there.
Well, that's the important slot.
Yes it is.  Have you had your SAN rezoned?
Not lately - should I?
We have to.
Later, after you have an HBA in your slot.
Do I have to do it in that order?
Yes.  But we don't have to do it on the same day if that's uncomfortable.
Will it be uncomfortable for my site.
If we do it after 5 a.m. it may be.
Then we shouldn't - we can spread out the process.
You should know there are issues with rezoning your SAN.
I was afraid there would be.
We don't exactly know what rezoning your SAN with the current configuration will do.
What's wrong with my current configuration.
It may not have been optimal.  We may have to double your rezoning area to achieve the same performance you were getting before we rezoned your SAN.
That's bad?
Your SAN is limited, you could run out of space.
What do I do?
We'll study it carefully after we insert the HBA in your slot.
How will I perform with an HBA in my slot but without my SAN rezoned?
Better than you do know.  You should get rid of your blocking.
Well, that's really what matters - the blocking is uncomfortable.
For you and your users.

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