Monday, September 13, 2004

Holy CRAP will I not be moving to St. Peter any time soon

Perhaps it's the children on stilts (clickable image). Perhaps it's that I'm terrified that Mona has had SIX (6) yoga shows on local cable access, or who or what Oscar the Clown is, or what the Promenaders Spring Fling is, or whether Storytime With Joni – Circus might actually be scarier than The Wiggles (and who knows what the hell "Lovepower" entails), but even without being able to find a picture of those Pearly Gates, I'm really starting to be fairly certain that my undressing under a kilt in Klund's front yard is perhaps the tamest thing that's ever happened in that town.

St. Peter Public Access Program Guide


klund said...

You got something against St. Peter? We don't want you big city folks down here anyway! STAY AWAY!

By the way, my mission of the day is to get a picture of the Pearly Gates.

Scooter said...

I was trying hard to find one on line last night - but St. Peter + Pearly Gates returns more hits than I can manage with my dial-up connection, and City of St. Peter didn't make it any better.

klund said...

You want Pearly Gates?!?!?! I'll give you Pearly Gates. Go HERE!