Sunday, September 19, 2004

Erik's and Holly's Home Warming and the Big Ugly Snake at the Bike Classic

Erik's and Holly's housewarming was a lot of fun - good food (though Jen and I sort of brought the lowbrow food by way of hamburger/Velveeta cheesy dip - but it seemed to go over well enough), lots of beer, and their new place is really nice when you look around all the rooms (although they have a steam powered robot living in their basement which is sort of scary). I'm not so sure the rest of my work group will be disappointed they didn't go (they're going later this week for lunch) as the crowd was very young, attractive and quite liberal ("more trees, less Bush") - I qualify for one out of three. However, I imagine this is what it must feel like for Mr. Mustard when he has to go out for a burrito with TallBrad and me, so now I have some empathy for him.

I did spend some time right at the end of our evening there talking to Jim, husband of the Bike Classic executive director (or whatever they call their boss), who had volunteered at the Classic as a ride marshal. He asked if I'd gone early enough to see the big snake in the middle of the road and when I affirmed it, he explained that his area was near the squashed snake and eventually it bothered him so much that he had to pry it off the road with some tire irons and lob it into the bushes. That probably wasn't on the volunteer description.

Holly confirmed there was an accident that involved a squashed face, although Erik was surprised, and that there was a broken pelvis as well! We don't ever get to see that on the ride description.


PTW said...

How come no one has a photo of this alleged giant snake?

Scooter said...

Because it was nasty and disgusting.