Friday, September 17, 2004

Beer Notes - The Java Stout Experience

Erik should be so jealous - I have four CASES of beer percolating in the basement. Ninety-six bottles of liquory goodness. Soon I will bottle them all, then drink them all while kicking up the picture of Mr. Mustard in the duck suit, because I know it will be even funnier tipsy - it will be such a happy month.

Tonight's concoction was Java Stout, from a kit from Midwest Homebrewing Supplies. Biggest issue? Pushing the plug on the carbouy in until it fell into the "beer" - trying to get it out required sterilizing two metal rods, bending them and aligning the bends in opposite directions, then pulling the plug out backwards with a fairly exceptional amount of force. I noticed when moving it into the basement that the last batch is still bubbling out CO2 through the water lock - excellent - that means it's still creating alcohol.

Java Stout
6# dark malt extract
Crystal malt
Chocolate malt
Roasted Barley
1/2 c. Ground Coffee, supplemented from my cupboard with another 1/2 c. of Cameron's Velvet Hammer Espresso (Italian Roast, dark)
1 oz. Fuggles Bittering Pellet Hops (alpha acid 4.4%)
1 oz. Tettnang Aroma Pellet Hops (alpha acid 4.4%)
Wyeast Irish #1084 (liquid)

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