Monday, August 30, 2004

Baby Mommas in Eagan

I found a wallet in the middle of the road on Saturday while my Dad and I were biking to Perkins for breakfast, and I threw it in my bike bag so I could return it later.  I told Jen that it was some middle school kids wallet and the only things in it were a picture of what was possibly his girlfriend, his library card and a water safety certificate with his address on it.  She opened it up to look and noticed that on the back of the picture it was signed from your baby momma - I thought it was funny, she thought it was disturbing.

Id like to register my gripe against Perkins while Im at it.  My Dad cant eat bread products, so he had the eggs, toast and muffin minus the toast and muffin.  He asked for cottage cheese instead and they said we dont have that.  So I recommended perhaps fruit would work they said sure, didnt bring him his muffin or toast and charged him $1.00 for a bowl of crappy fruit no bigger than an apple.  He shorted them on the tip but didnt mention it until later because he though I would disapprove.  I fully approved of shorting her $1.06 + the % on that amount that would have been the tip for that portion.  Some things just arent acceptable.

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