Friday, July 23, 2004

Welcome to A Nod to Nothing

I thought perhaps it was time to officially kick off my blog.  Like most bloggers, I don't really have a clear idea what it is I want to talk about as a theme, but I'll work on it in the first few posts and see if I can't come up with something.  I could focus on Westlaw books in movies and on television, but that deserves more of a website sort of treatment. So, what kinds of things are going on - what do I want to talk about?  Let's start by noting that this last weekend I had the twenty year reunion of my high school bicycling group.  Like most teenagers, that means that the bicycling took place before we were all old enough to drive - pre-motorized vehicle, mostly pre-opposite sex - ages fourteen and fifteen (two trips) to be precise.  One trip to northern Wisconsin (Copper Falls) and one to northern Minnesota (Grandma's Marathon).  I can't say I hadn't seen those friends since I was 15, but I certainly hadn't seen a number of them since graduation.  We (Ben, Mark, Jenny, Jason [Jenny's boyfriend from Canada, not an official reunion member], Dwain, Dwain's son and myself all biked from Monticello to Rockford (Lake Independence) to commemorate our training ride.  Ben was thoughtful enough to recreate the puking incident of one of our original members (at only three miles into the ride), and we all had a pretty good time reminiscing about Jenny's wheel rolling off, her third degree sunburn, streaking, baby powder fights and other fun.  I'll add a few links to the pictures from that weekend when I get them uploaded to Yahoo.
Tomorrow: An autobiography that I didn't feel like making my first post.

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