Monday, June 23, 2008

*%#'@$$^& - Carlin's Dead

What a bunch of shit. I am so pissed off. Fuck. That cunt, that cocksucker, that motherfucker, has gone tits up. It's a sad night.

I saw Carlin live. And when I saw him he was more about whales and trees than he was about seven bad words, but he was still fucking funny. I also saw Kinison live before he died. Kyle was along for both - I think Ben was along for the former. I saw Olivia Newton-John live, who was on the 1990 Grammy Awards with Kinison. And that's just weird. My brush with fame wasn't nearly as exciting as my father who saw her when she was a teenager in Australia, sometime after (I believe that's the timeline) he bumped into Jacques Cousteau while dissel bubbling it across the Pacific while he scored beer, threw coffee cups over the rails, shot electrical discharge down the full length of the boat, and mistakenly set off a smoke grenade inside a submerged vessel. If they invent time travel before my death, I'm going back to have a beer with that 22-year old, pre-alcohol allergic, sailor.

I'll miss Carlin. His comedy was a huge part of my high school years. Along with Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy.

Carlin's Seven Words:

Kinison, Jesus' Wife:

Kinison and Newton-John...WTF:


Anonymous said...

Carlin dying really does seem untimely. I actually heard about it roughly about the time I turned on CNN this morning. It was one of those things where I was still blurry enough around the edges after waking up that I did a sort of double take when I heard it. It made me nostalgic, remembering listening to/watching him with you, Dan & Ben at various points during our peri-post high school days.

While everyone remembers him for the seven words and such, I actually enjoyed the time he put in on Thomas the Tank Engine of all things. When a man can play to little nieces and nephews as well as entertaining the adults, in my estimation it demonstrated not only a wide range of talent, but also a fundamentally good person....

Anonymous said...

The smoke grenade was set off by the Captain as a drill. Instead of going through the hatch closing it and then reporting a fire in the radio shack. I stayed in the room and closed the hatch, yelled fire in the radio shack and staying in the control room. That is as close as a sub has come to sinking. It took out all the radio equipment, air pumps to blow the tanks dry and a majority of the electrical and controls to operate the sub. It was a field tar marker type marker.

I saw Olivia Newton-John in Sydney, at Kings Crossing.

It was a dissel boat owned by a private research company and navy operated.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about it I think I still may have a picture of the sign in Australia promoting Olivia Newton-John. I do know I have an old map of that area,some other pamplets from that time, along with an Australian navy hat and army hat that I traded for. I use to have a roo skin but I gave it up to repair a worn bear.

Mac Noland said...

I never found him that funny. Though in all fairness, my experience with his material is limmited.

Scooter said...

Did you see him in Dogma? Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure? His breadth of comedy is pretty wide. I often joke with my wife about how my hole grew over (my ear hole).