Sunday, May 22, 2005

Weekend Recap - Movies/etc.

Erwood went to hang with Boppa and Manna this weekend, the whole weekend, so Pooteewheet and I had the house to ourselves. I primarily used my time to clean the dogpen, long overdue after all the rain, and make a first sweep of the garage, which entailed cutting up several thousand square feet of cardboard into recycle-sized bundles, putting chairs and bikes onto hooks and into the rafters, and moving various odds and ends to the tool shed. We did manage to get in quite a bit of fun as well.

We finished off all three of our outstanding Netflix movies, including Vera Drake, which had been sitting around here since before we went to Wisconsin three weeks ago. It well-deserved the 91% it got on Rotten Tomatoes - the acting was exceptional and the story-telling tight and engaging, but it was horrifically depressing.

We also watched Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, a 20-year old anime flick redone by Disney with Uma Thurman and Patrick Stewart among the voices. It was exceptionally good, but then Miyazaki's anime always is - the story revolved around a princess who has a special commune with nature, and nature has run amok after a nuclear war, but only because it's trying to cleanse the planet - now big bugs and poisonous plants are the rule, and small kingdoms fight over ancient war relics. About the only complaint I could muster up is that it wasn't entirely a given that the main character, a teenage girl, was wearing pants at first. While that might not seem problematic if she's just standing around in a skirt, it becomes a different issue if she's flying a hang glider in a stiff wind. In the end, Pooteewheet and I agreed that she was wearing fleshtone pants.

Third, we watched The Horror Within, which is so bad it doesn't show up on either Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB and is actually a little difficult to find information about on a quick search of the web. After about 45 minutes, Pooteewheet left the room, and I dopped it into fast-forward (4x) so that it would finish faster. I was still able to grasp the plot at that speed. I can only assume this was added to my recommendation list on Netflix because of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (also truly abysmal, but it was Pooteewheet's fault) - now that the ratings show up on the queue, I'm going to have to be more careful.

Finally, and this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, I present a movie link for Ming - Ming and I had a lengthy discussion about Netflix, Walmart, Blockbuster, porn and censorship last week when it was noted that Netflix was taking over Walmart customers, and I pointed out that porn doesn't exactly fit in your movie model unless it's pretty much the only part of your model (my argument is that I like Netflix because they aren't particuarly concerned with what I watch - they have NC17/etc. if it's a mainstream movie, like Last Tango in Paris - Walmart and Blockbuster don't make those movies available - but not having porn isn't the same because it's really a different audience in many respects and can be serviced by someone else who caters to those who need a lot of porn). Well, there it is, Netflix for pornsters. I noticed the advertisement in the local copy of The Onion - unlimited adult DVD rentals by mail for $9.96 a month - no late fees! And, on the first page after login, I note that you can queue up the full 66-DVD long Barely Legal collection - oh boy - wouldn't you want to be the 100-200th person to queue that up - I mean literally and figuratively, ewwww....

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